Monday, 4 February 2013

Well Done!

Most emcomm groups take part in the ARRL Field Day, but how many take part in the SPAR Winter Field Day?  Being able to do your job in the cold or the heat is paramount, and the same is true in emcomm. 
Our emcomm groups in Eastern Ontario all took part in Winter Field Day this year, setting up for the weekend and erecting antennas in -16C weather.   Not only did these groups deploy to isolated locations, some with electricity, some with batteries, and operate for the full 24 hours, they had to live, sleep, and cook in those conditions as well.

This is Canada, not all of our emergencies will take place in good weather.  In fact statistics tell us we have a greater chance of being called out in the winter than we do in the summer.  How would your group do?
Well done to the Eastern Ontario groups who practiced their winter operating skills.  They are really living up to ECOA's motto: "Utrinque Paratus" - Ready for Anything.

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