Wednesday, 21 November 2012


ECOA will be starting back on Sunday nights doing a Emcom Net from 2000 local to 2030 local on the ECOA IRLP reflector 9035.
We also will be starting an HF net, likely in the new year once we work on a frequency that will go on year round.

60 Meter news.  After Industry Canada called for input to the new 60 meter band, we are still waiting for them to make a decision on when it will go back to normal call signs, what power and how many new channels will we have.  It looks like they will let this lapse on March 31st, and if they dont have it worked out by then the will ask for more money for another year to operate with the special  VX9 calls.
The band is working well now that the summer is behind us, and I have been making calls into the UK as well as South America.  Its a very interesting band that is similar to 40 and 80 meters.

Russ Hemphill VE3FI

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