Sunday, 3 June 2012

60 Meter Update

Our National Group has asked various operators to comment on the 60 Meter Consultation Bulletin in the previous blog.  However they have put it to us that they want us to go with, what they would like to have.
 As far as I am concerned we can all make up our own minds,  review the data, and comment as we see it.  I have researched what other countries are doing, in terms of bandwidth, power settings, amount of channels, operating modes, ect.
 I have listened on this new band, talked to 100s of amateurs from all over Canada, Usa, Europe, and some southern islands.  Industry Canada normally gives this a longer time period before they put out a consultation.  This means that they are in a hurry to get this development license turned back to a regular one for all the amateurs.  When this closes on June 12, they will post all the reviews they recieved from the amateurs ect, then they will work on it and give us a decision some time later this fall.
 I have sent in a submission which is more agressive than others,.  As Canadian Amateurs we should look in the future, and not follow old ideas, as others want us to,  as this hobby and technology is changing rapidly. 
 So lets put in agressive ideas, as we will only get one shot at this.  Take a look at what other countries are doing,  put it all together, and you will come up with solutions that will benefit Canadian Amateurs,   Yes we can think for ourselves.


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