Wednesday, 9 May 2012

60 Meter News by Russ Hemphill VX9GHD

Its been over a month now that the new developmental 60 meter band has been opened up the Canadian Amateurs. The first couple of nights that I was on, I had a pileup from the USA, wanting to get another country for this Band.  They were very polite and eager to talk to Canadians and are hopeful more will come on in the future.  At the moment we only have about ten amateurs on in Ontario and Quebec.  Not all the licensed amateurs have been able to get on the air yet.  I know more are coming on soon, once they recieve their license and get an antenna for the 5 channels we are on. 
 The band is works well when is not noisy, which is has been for the last couple of days.  I have managed to talk into England, Ireland, Spain, and the Bahamas. 
 Hopefully we will here more amateurs across Canada in the next few weeks.   I will keep updating the blog with more information as it comes in.  
 So if you here me on  give me a call.
73s   Russ VX9GHD

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